ljebu Division then comprised of one Divisional Council and eight District Councils.  Apart from the Awujale, the Paramount Ruler, the Chieftaincy Declarations covered 21 0bas and scores of other traditional chiefs.  The royal fathers affected were:

 ljebu Ode District Council:    NIL

ljebu Southern District Council: The Dagburewe of ldowa, The Gbegande of Ososa, The Liken of Ibefun and The Otunba (Olomu of Omu)

Ijebu-Igbo District Council: The Orimolusi of ljebu-Igbo

ljebu Northern District Council: The Ebumawe of Ago-Iwoye, and The Alaporu of llaporu

Ijebu Eastern District Council: The Ajalorun of ljebu-Ife, The Olowu of Owu, The Akija of Ikija and the Oloko of Ijebu -Imusin

Ijebu Waterside District Council: The Lenuwa of Ode-Omi, The Oloja (Liken) of lwopin, The Onipe of lbu, The Elero of Itebu and The Onirokun of lrokun.