Ijebu Western District Council: The Moloda of Odogbolu, The Oremadegun of Odogbolu, The Elesi of Odogbolu, The Olugbani of Okun-Owa and The Akalako of Aiyepe. 

Above was the situation in 1959. 

On 4th January, 1960, the appointment of young Prince Sikiru Kayode Adetona as the Awujale of Ijebuland was approved by the Governor-in-Council of the Westem Region of Nigeria in accordance with the Provision of Section 16(1) of the Chiefs Law, 1957.

What has happened to OBASHIP in Ijebuland during the last 40 years (1960-2000)?  How has Oba Adetona employed the traditional institution of Obaship to provide constructive leadership among Ijebu Communities?  How have the communities clamored for this new instrument of cultural and economic advancement) The employment of royal benevolence to unleash the innate abilities and desires of ljebu rural communities and provide good leadership and stability is one of the great innovations and achievements of Oba Adetona's continued reign in Ijebuland.

The record is impressive.  The potentials for development are innumerable.  In the last two decades, Oba Adetona has honored 28 Communities with the grant of coronet.

Oba Adetona deserves full credit for his royal engineering works by which scores of Communities in Ijebuland have been nurtured and encouraged to produce dynamic traditional leadership through the grant of Coronet status.  More Communities are still clamoring for this honor from the Awujale.

While some titles like the Obelu of Esure were upgraded to Part II and the Alawunren of Okelamuren resuscitated and as well upgraded to a Part II Chieftaincy, the last 20 years(1980-2000) witnessed the recognition of the headship of the following communities as Obas with their coronets approved and recognized by the State Government:

1.  Molipa Community, Ijebu-Ode (Oba J. O. Sonoiki, Lipa of Molipa)       

2.  Oke-Ako Community (Oba J.A. Osunsami, Aladeken of Oke-Ako

3.  Isiwo Community (Oba (Engr.) S.A. Salisu, Lamodi of Isiwo)

4.  Itamarun Community, Ijebu-Imusin (Oba J.A. Adenaiya, Magunsen of ltamarun)

5.  Ilodo Community, Ijebu-Imusin     (Oba (Engr.) I. O. Ajede, Ogirimadagbo of llodo)

6.  Ogbere Community     (Oba M.A. Orelaja, Sapenuwa of Ogbere)

7.  Igbaga Community     (Oba M.A.O. Adenaike, Oyebola of Igbaga

8.  Jobore Community     (Oba A.A.A. Omotayo, Kobowore of Jobore

9.  Odoyanta Community     (Oba S.O. Erinle, Ayanta of Odoyanta)

10. Imoru Community      (Oba M.A. Obalaja, Oru of Imoru)

11. Ijesha-Ijebu Community      (Oba I. O. Adekoya, Ayanyelu of Ijesa-Ijebu)

12. Ala Community      (Oba E. A. J. Ogunbanke, Okemu of Ala)

13. Ojowo Community (Ijebu-Igbo) (Oba D. A. Kuyeba, Olojowo of Ojowo)

14. Oke-Agbo Community (Ijebu-Igbo) (Oba H. O. Abass, Bejeroku of Oke-Agbo)

15. Japara Community (Ijebu-Igbo) (Oba M. K. Odujobi, Abijaparako of Japara)

16. Atikori Community (Ijebu-Igbo) (Vacant; Kegbo of Atikori)

17. Oke-Sopen Community (Ijebu-Igbo) (Vacant; Sopenlukale of Oke-Sopen)

18. Isonyin Community (Oba A. K. A. Ogunuga, Saderiren of Isonyin)

19. Ilugun South Community (Oba G. A. Banjo, Ajalaiye of Ilugun South)

20. Ilugun North Community (Oba (Engr.) J. B. Otukoya, Oligun of Iligun

21. Odosenlu Community (Vacant; Olu of Odosenlu)

22. Odoregbe Community (Oba S. A. Osisanya, Yepenruwa of Odoregbe)

23. Abigi Community (Oba S. A. Osunlaja, Ojotumoro of Abigi)

24. Efire Community (Oba M. A. Adeniyi, Elefire of Efire)

25. Ibiade Community (Vacant; Alarige of Ibiade)

26. Odolowu Community (Vacant; Olowu-Iji of Odolowu)

27. Itele Community (Vacant; Moyegeso of Itele)

28. Ogbogbo Community (Vacant)