Annual Family Picnic & Cultural Festival

The purpose of the family picnic is three-fold:

  • Fundraising:  While the event is free and open to the public, we usually raise funds through the sale of T-shirts, hats, and cultural artifacts.  We also conduct auction of donated items like cars, furniture, and clothing.
  • To provide a day of fun-filled activities and social interaction for all of our members, their relatives, friends and associates.
  • To provide free health screen to the general public in association with the national Institutes of health and Howard University Hospital.

This is an annual event, which all of our members, friends and associates always look forward to, and it is usually held in the summer.

It is usually held at a public park and open to the public.  In fact, because of the family-friendly atmosphere the event usually portrays, visitors to the park had always joined in the fun and are always welcomed.

General Meetings

The general meetings of the Association are held on the third Saturday of every month. The venue of the meetings rotate among the residences of members, as well as those of our patron and matron.

Executive Meetings

The executive meeting is held every second Sunday of the month. The usual location for this meeting is the current at the President's home. Any change to venue will be communicated to members.

Biannual Meetings

Biannually, the Association convenes for a special meeting to elect the officers, formulate overall policy and direction and, if necessary, amend the by-laws and/or Constitution of the Association.