History of this town has been scanty because it was ritually decreed, in earlier times of its founding, that the history of the town must not be told.  However, around 1920-1921, during the controversy between Chief Jewo Oropo and the Ajalorun of that time, as well as the later rift of 1932 between Balufo and then Ajalorun, some of the history of the town came to light.  

Ekun Tete was the first King of Ife-Ijebu.  He was known to like idol worshiping a lot, being the head of the “agbohun ona-orun” in Ile-Ife.  Before he left town because of his idol-worshiping habit, it was he who asked Balufo Ijaogun to make sacrifice for “Aija ni orun.”  This was how Ekun Tete became the Ajalorun, thus earning the poetic praise (oriki) of: “Ajalorun Ekuntete.”  It was this Balufo whose name was changed to “Orunto Olufe” of Ile-Ife for which he is known till today.  It was during the reign of Awujale Oba Moyegeso (1710-1725) that the Ajalorun came to Ijebuland.  However, in 1937, during the rift between Remo and Ijebu-Ode, then Ajalorun, Oba Olugbofega, was reported to have claimed that Ajalorun was the replacement to Oduduwa of Ile-Ife and also that he came to Ijebuland before Obanta.  After Olugbofega, Asani Mabadeje became the Ajalorun in 1943.  It was during the reign of Oba Asani Mabadeje that the ambitious claims of the Ajalorun were curtailed.