Ogere (also referred to as Ogere Remo or Ogere-Remo or Ogere – Remo), is an ancient town in the present Remo Division of Ogun State, Nigeria. The town was founded circa 1401 A.D. Ogere is part of the Ikenne Local Government area of Ogun State. The ancestral home of the Yorubas is Ile-Ife. Oduduwa is the ancestral father of all the Yorubas inside and outside Nigeria. The people of Ogere are Yorubas. They hailed from the ancestral home “Lagere in Ile-Ife” in two different emigrations led by Olipakala and Lowa-Lida respectively. The two are Ile-Ife crowned Princes.

Ogere was a settlement established by Ologere, child of Lipakata (Agbenimadehin).  He was one of those who followed Obanta to Ijebuland, but later established his own domain at Ogeere.  Every year, a cow is killed at Ogere as part of a ritual for the Awujale.  In 1945, Alfred Ashaye (Olowo soke dile) was crowned the Ologere.

Ogere Anthem

Ilu mi (2ce),
Ilu Ogere,
O dara O lewa,
Ni ’lu to tobi,
Kosi bi kibi timolewa lorile aye,
Timo le gbagbe Ilu Ogere.