Who We Are

Our mission is to forge the strongest ties between Ijebuland and its children in the Diaspora. We are here to serve you.

Ijebu Association of USA Inc. is a recognized non-profit organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.  As such, contributions to the Association are generally deductible as charitable donations for United States income tax purposes.”

The Ijebu Association of the United States of America was established by a group of Nigerian students in the 1970s and was appropriately named The Ijebu Students Association. 

The original intent of the organization, back then, was to provide a forum for moral, intellectual and psychological support for its members, and to ensure their well-being and academic success during their temporary sojourn in the United States.  The main aim of members of the group, as typical of all Nigerians back then, was to earn as many academic degrees as they were able to, and then go back to Nigeria to contribute to the development of their fatherland. 

Well, as the old saying goes, the old order changeth, yielding places to new. The social, economic and political environments in Nigeria have changed this laudable goal for all Nigerians, including the Ijebus.  Hence, stable and enduring ethnic communities of Nigerian-American residents have formed, one of which is the rebirth of the former student organization into a permanent, viable and flourishing ethnic community that is now known as the Ijebu Association of the United States of America. 

Just like other ethnic communities, our priorities and focus have metamorphosed from those of young students with little or no adult concerns or commitments, to those expected of any ethnic community composed of adults with spouses, children, and even grandchildren.  We now deal with challenges of daily living such as birth, marriage, child-rearing, sickness and even mortality issues (albeit immigration issues creep in as well, from time to time).  Additionally, we embark on projects aimed at improving the quality of life for our communities in Ijebuland in Nigeria, details of which are provided in other pages of this web site. 

In short, we are a group of law-abiding Nigerian-Americans of Ijebu descent, who seek the general welfare of our members, uphold, cherish and nurture our cultural heritage, create cordial relationships among all people of Ijebu descent as well as other Nigerian ethnic groups, and develop good citizenry in the communities of our domicile.